Realeyes Licensing

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All Realeyes code is licensed under the GPL version 3. For more information about the GPLv3, see the Free Software Foundation's quick guide to GPLv3 page.


This project is hosted by SourceForge, which is very near the center of the Free/Libre and Open Source Software universe.

Free/Libre and Open Source code in the Realeyes application

The following libraries have been used to create the Realeyes IDS application, and their license requirements must be followed when distributing the programs.

  • libpcap: This C library reads data from the network interface and formats it for an application to easily parse the network protocols and data.
  • libxml2: This C library parses XML documents and builds a DOM tree, which ensures that the syntax of configuration files is correct.
  • OpenSSL: This C library provides a variety of encryption methods and the network management for encrypted connections.
  • Red Black Tree library: This C library provides the code for creating and accessing Red Black trees, which are dynamically balanced as nodes are added to them.

  • SWT Libraries: These Java libraries provide the tools for building graphical interfaces.
  • Xerces: These Java libraries parse XML documents, which ensures that the syntax of configuration files is correct.

Free/Libre and Open Source projects used by the Realeyes project

  • Anjuta: This Integrated Development Environment is optimized for C/C++ developers.
  • Doxygen: This documentation system reads formatted comments in source code files and creates developer documentation in many formats.
  • Eclipse: This Integrated Development Environment is optimized for Java developers.
  • PostgreSQL: This relational database provides robust storage and retrieval for the Realeyes IDS application, that scales well from small to large installations. Logo