Realeyes Development

Real eyes

This project is hosted by SourceForge, You may browse the Realeyes project SVN repository to see the structure of the source modules. Also, visit the Technology page to see slideshows and live demonstrations of how the application works.

The RealeyesAE and RealeyesIDS source is written in C. The documentation for the code is formatted by Doxygen. This is included in a tar file in the /doc directory of the source package for each component. An attempt has been made to keep the functions in a logical order to simplify understanding of their relationship within the application using this documentation.

The RealeyesDBD and RealeyesGUI source is written in Java. The documentation for the code is in Javadoc format. It is assumed that the IDE used by the developer can produce this documentation.

To discuss development issues, go to the Development Forum. To contribute code changes, go to the Tracker page and open the appropriate report. The preferred method of contributing code is to upload a diff file and define which release it corresponds to in the SVN repository. Those who would like to have commit access to the repository must show a continuing interest in contributing to the project.


While the current state of Realeyes is very functional, there is much to be done to make it even better. The Roadmap describes plans for the near and medium term. Logo